Life At A.I

People at A.I are talented, targeted and committed to their work and life. They are really completely happy and nicely composed, playing their jobs, getting to know and developing towards producing and reaching excellence in their expert and private endeavours. They are moral in their strategy and practice the company values, I-CARE: Integrity, Care, Accountability, Respect and Excellence, shaping our organizational tradition and defining the essence of our company.

To promote bodily and intellectual wellness of its personnel thru competitiveness and wholesome entertainment, the agency has developed country of the art Sports Infrastructure and organizes more than a few typical and non-traditional sports activities tournaments, for all employees.

A.I has developed a soft competency model as 6 ‘Uniform Behaviors’, all derived from our corporate values; I-CARE (Integrity, Care, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence). The purpose of developing and exercising this model is to align the leadership for creating a value-based culture.

A.I hosts a variety of social events throughout the year to increase employee engagement, honour their contributions, and do so in a fun way. These events include the Annual Dinner, Managers Dinner, Watching big sports events in groups, Long Service Awards, Eid, Christmas, and many others.

A.i provides a variety of amenities to its employees, including free pick-up and drop-off for executives and non-executives and Free monthly lunches .