People Practices

People Practices

A.i Textiles strategic coming up with, business discipline and reinvestment within the business square measure key parts conducive to its success over the last twenty one years. However, what makes A.I distinctive is its People; a actuated, gifted and committed personnel. A.I’s management approach is predicated on 2 key principles: Respect for individuals and Continuous Improvement. These 2 principles guide our common and shared values, CARE: Integrity, Care, responsibility, Respect and Excellence, shaping our structure culture and shaping the essence of our company. These core principles associate degreed values square measure crucial for achieving A.I's mission: “To be associate degree agent of positive modification for the Stakeholders and Community by following an moral and property Business”.

HR Management

A.I exercises outlined Management Policies and SOPs, inline with the simplest international practices to run Operational and Support functions. we have a tendency to invest in continuous improvement of the management processes together with structure structures, unit of time designing and performance management and expend time, effort and cash to develop our workers. Performance primarily based career growth opportunities and job rotation choices build A.I a way wanted leader because it considers workers as its strategic stakeholders and believes that their intellectual and money growth interprets into growth of the corporate.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is important for sustainable development. With an estimated more than 75% of garment workers worldwide being women, advancing SDG 5 is a priority for the Apparel and Textile Industry.

Research also shows that gender diversity benefits a manufacturing organization through improved ability to innovate, higher return on equity, and increased profitability

A.I have a vision to encourage women in not only executive roll but also in work force as well.

Factory Transport Service

At A.I, market-based remuneration is offered to all employees, according to their skills and performance. We ensure that the contractual employees working within the factory premises are paid the minimum wages, and salaries are disbursed to all employees directly through their bank accounts. All male and female employees hired for similar positions receive equivalent remuneration and benefits. Female workers are eligible for maternity leaves. Free transport service is available to all employees

Management and Workforce Trainee Programmes

A.I Provide trainee programs for management and workforce for variety of operational and strategic roles, thus creating enormous learning and grooming opportunities.