People Targets

People Target 2022

A.I is a Social Enterprise! Our mission and reason for being is to effect positive change for all parties involved.

as well as the community As we have set People Goals and Company Activities, this reflects in all of our decisions and business practise

To attain these objectives, we are targeting Targets 2022.


Develop a Multicultural and Empowered Workforce

AI offers a wide range of career opportunities across various departments and functional areas:

Transform Lives

By 2023, we will have aided in the transformation of the lives of 1000 families, bridging the socioeconomic barrier via the provision of inexpensive, high-quality education.

Improve well being

Empower 1000 individuals live really satisfying and better lives through investment in sports and writing, and admittance to free quality well-being administrations


Expand representation of women across all levels of our workforce to 10%

Provide decent work and employment opportunities to 2000 people, supporting livelihoods of more than 10,000 people

Enable our colleagues by taking on obvious Lean way of thinking and sending Lean instruments and trainings to more than 1000 individuals

Further develop ability the board by empowering cross-utilitarian vocations, compensating elite execution and living by authoritative qualities

Provide affordable, equitable and quality education to 500 children by sponsoring schools in under-privileged communities

Provide equal access to education for 100 children with disabilities

Fund raising Shaukat khanum cancer research centre to help support a cancer research

Providing financial help for Govt EHSAS programme to help providing food and shelter for the labour

Promote local sporting talent by enabling 500 people to participate in sporting events at local and national level across multiple sports

Sustainable Development Goals